Fairways Meets Team Pratima


Lots of little things are happening, which in turn lead to bigger things.

A few days ago Gordon Moir (Director of Greenkeeping at St. Andrews) sent me a link to Oliver Horovitz’s article about Pratima Sherpa. Pratima is 17 year old girl living in a tool shed on the 4th hole at Royal Nepal Golf Club. She can really play and wants to be Nepal's first female golf professional. I read it, flicked it to Jeremy and asked, "What do you think?"

Jeremy asked why I hadn’t emailed Oliver already, and after a minute of Googling, found me his email address.

I email a lot of stuff to Jeremy without giving enough information. (Edit: Oh, so you noticed?)  I sometimes think he lives in my head but I can’t imagine doing what I am doing on my own. I seriously don’t have the time to do it all. But I trust Jeremy and while he tells me to pull my head in or get more sleep, he also supports everything I am trying to do and I must admit we work pretty well together.

I have been back in Australia for two and a half weeks and everything has just fallen into place. I had been a little worried about getting work to keep the funds flowing to Fairway, but I also needed any job to be flexible to give me time off for meetings and my media stints, like for the Emirates Australian Open.

I arrived in Australia on a Tuesday and by the Friday I had a flexible job, a car, had lined up meetings and was planning Fairways' official launch!

The next week I was emailing Oliver about Pratima and asking what we could do to help.
He replied saying he was blown away to receive my email and told me Miles Glickman - who was part of Team Pratima - lived in Bondi if I happened to be in Sydney.

So while Jeremy began the task of organising sponsorship for Pratima with her swing coach, Sachin, I spoke with both Oliver and Miles, was introduced to Vlad (their photographer), thanked Gordon for the tip, and even teed it up with Miles at Bondi Golf Club.

All within the week.

Now, Jeremy and I are researching which solar lights we can get to Pratima - there's no electricity in her shed - and the best way of delivering items to Nepal given political tension with India can cause shipping concerns.

It feels like we're now part of Team Pratima and I can only hope that we can help more juniors get a fairway under their feet.

Once again I have not mentioned Bolivia, and I know I keep saying it's another story, but it is. We have been working on Bolivia since August. I will write about that next time.

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