Give Everything!


If you have been following the Fairways story you know we are heading off to India. We have arranged for a pro to run a 3 day coaching clinic in the mountains of West Bengal as the kids were that desperate to golf they were whittling clubs from trees.

The concept for Fairways only came to me while I was golfing on the north coast of Ireland in April and in four months we have certainly done a lot of work.

In addition to the ten Fairways Cadets we have on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and the clinic in India, we are also helping to develop a junior golf program in Bolivia where I will be heading in the new year.

All the while I have been waitressing in Canada to cover as many expenses as I can but the costs have certainly outweighed the income.

Last week I had a bit of a wig out and panicked when I realized that we didn’t (I hadn’t) earned enough money to pay for all the expenses in India. I was really worried about what to do.

I have already put thousands on my credit card building Fairways and was stressed about adding another US $3,000.

I messaged Jeremy (Fairways COO), who responded by saying if we didn't have the money we should postpone until later. For me that was never an option. Those kids love golf, so I am going to India and I am going to help them.

We had all the local authority approvals and while I wasn’t sure if the children had been informed we were coming, I was never going to cancel.

Instead I wigged out and wondered what the hell I was doing? Working 80-100 hours a week and putting everything I have - not just money - into Fairways seemed crazy.

And then I got chatting to a customer at work. She told me I am doing great things and to no longer worry about money. Max every credit card out, she said. Give everything! It will come back. Do not worry or hesitate about the spending, arrange it, book it, pay for it. Just keep doing what I am doing and everything will come together.

I took her advice. I relaxed and messaged Jeremy and told him I was going to India and I would put it all on credit and pay off the card as sponsorship money comes in.

So that is what I've done. I have just booked all the flights for the Indian program - for myself, for Danny Mamik and for the Kolkatan golf pro, Mintu - and put it all on credit card!

I am no longer worried about money and told Jeremy that if I can’t afford to get a cheap car when I get back to Australia I will just get a skateboard.

Now, can anyone teach me how to ride a skateboard?

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