Initial Reaction to the Fairways Idea

In the weeks since I have had the idea I have had nothing but positive responses to Fairways.

The level of questioning I get about it depends on the business acumen of each person I speak to.

The day after I played at Ballyliffin, where I had the idea, I had already written a four page business outline. I threw it at Damian Morelli, his wife Ellen and friend Nneka, who I had just met as I was interviewing Damian at his restaurant in Port Stewart, Northern Ireland. I asked for their feedback and comments. They thought it was a great idea and I did check they weren't just being nice.

The next day I asked the fabulous ladies, Mary and Maura, whom I golfed with at Ballycastle. They wanted to have a fundraiser to support my vision. I told them they could once I have everything set up.

That night I emailed my outline to my four sounding boards in numerous countries.

I got great feedback from everyone, including various concerns that I needed to think about. I had spent a couple of days researching (around golfing) current programs in place for junior golfers. There are amazing things going on in many countries, The First Tee, JNJG, Club Golf, Golf in Schools (to name a few) but nothing that quite fit with what I wanted to do nor were any of the programs global.

Why would they be?

As I travel a lot I wanted to reach golfers and would be golfers all over the world so it made sense to start something new.

I have not had any negative responses however I have had in depth questioning on how I plan to set up and achieve the sponsorship I want to provide and how it is going to be administered.

I have an answer for everything, as there is nothing that we haven’t considered and while this is moving quickly we are taking a measured approach and ensuring the foundations are solid.

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