La Paz of the Puzzle

Tiffany and David Silas at Alalay Golf, Cochabamba

I have spent the past week brainstorming and trying to work out how I can keep the Bolivian project going until we have a fundraiser here later in the year.

It is hard work and frustrating and sometimes I feel so alone.

Although really, I'm not working on this alone. Besides my trusty COO (Ed. - What a legend.), Jeremy in Australia, I have people all over the world supporting me and whether it be with emotional support, money or sharing our story it all helps to spread our message and help underprivileged junior golfers.

I have reached out to people in Bolivia and emailed contacts around the world. I have been in touch with the PGA and have contacted every single golfer I know on Facebook asking if they could donate $5 to keep these kids golfing in the short term.

We are planning a mini tournament this Friday that a photographer is attending as a new golf magazine in Australia, Caddie Magazine, is going to feature an article about golf in Bolivia and what Fairways is doing here.

Last week Edwin and I headed west and stopped in Cochabamba, which is a city in central Bolivia. We met with David Silas at Alalay Golf and talked about his dealings with the R&A to build a 9 hole course at the driving range he runs. We walked around the area as he pointed out the run of the course and looked at the grass growing in on the raised areas that will be the greens.

David has a great junior program running and I hope that Fairways will also have juniors in Cochabamba eventually.

Our next stop was Country Club Cochabamba where we met with Professional Macario Mérida and a very talented Bolivian golfer Kevin Muriel. We played a few holes together before a dinner meeting with Macario and Bernardo Ardaya who is the head teaching professional.

We had a great chat about junior golf and golf in Bolivia. Country Club Cochabamba sponsors a few of their juniors to ensure they can continue playing.

Edwin and I continued on to La Paz, Bolivia's capital. We wanted to visit La Paz Golf Club, which is the highest course in the world, but unfortunately due to last minute changes, the club was closed, so we couldn't have any meetings, nor play.

Following our return to Santa Cruz, I was lamenting the fact that we were still short of funds to keep our cadets golfing, when Edwin was contacted by Rodrigo Cambruzy, a member at Mapaizo Golf Club. Mapaizo is an 18 hole private course, close to the airport. Rodrigo’s son plays golf and he had some items he wanted to donate to our program.

We drove to collect the items and it was three golf bags, two buggies, a set of junior golf clubs (we only had the one set), a bag of clothes and a bag of shoes. Seven pairs of junior golf shoes and numerous clothes will come in very handy for the smallest cadets in our program. 

This week, I am also hoping to golf with Alberto Landivar, the President of the Federación Boliviana de Golf, and I look forward to discussing further how we can continue helping the underprivileged juniors here in Bolivia.

As I continue to go through my contacts list, I keep sending out emails hoping that if every golfer I know can spare $5, it will enable us to keep these kids golfing right now. If you can help, please become a sponsor.

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