Origin of Fairways

My love affair with golf started as my 14 year marriage wound up. In August 2013, I played my first round at Belfast Highland Greens, Belfast on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I shot 118 on this nine hole course, had no idea how to hold a club and to be honest was kind of playing like I would play cricket. Not how you play golf. Clearly.

I was moving to Prince Edward Island early in 2014 and I needed a new sport, so I decided golf was for me. Even though a few people told me at 37 I was a bit too old to learn. Not the best advice. I am not too old for anything. I am determined, tenacious and to be honest, hate being bad at anything. So golf it was!

Working at a golf resort kick started my play and before my shift I would hit the range whacking 400 balls. If I wasn’t happy with my last twenty or so I would move to the next station and hit another hundred. The members thought I was crazy. Perhaps I am a little bit nuts. But I love it! Nothing is more satisfying than getting a good solid whack on a ball, as every fellow golfer will attest.

I left Prince Edward Island in October 2014, but beforehand, I played Belfast again and shot 54. Not a bad improvement in a year.

I have always loved travelling and with my newfound passion for golf I decided I would now see the world via fairway. As at May 2016 I have played at 81 courses in 9 countries (and counting).

I started a website and YouTube channel, called Fairway Foodie documenting my adventures (mostly golfing) as I travelled. Since I started golfing I have travelled to Australia, Canada, USA, UAE, Spain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and England to tee it up and have more trips planned in the next 12 months.

While I was golfing at Ballyliffin on the north coast of Ireland in April 2016 an idea germinated following a conversation with President, Frank about some juniors not being able to afford to continue playing.

I like to think of this as “Tiffany had an epiphany at Ballyliffin”.

I decided that all juniors who want to golf should be able to play regardless of their family’s finances so I started outlining my plan on how I would achieve that.

And Fairways was born.

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