Tiff's Dawn 2 Dusk Journey 2018

Tiffany & Dave on Dawn 2 Dusk 2018 for Fairways

It was 3:43 AM when the alarm went off. We had our clothes all ready, grabbed our snacks and hit the road. We had over an hour to drive and it rained on and off the whole way.

I kept checking the weather and the sky saying “It is going to pass” wishing it was going to pass.

We arrived at Avondale Golf Course at 5.10am, opened the gates and let ourselves in.

Keys were hidden for our carts (we were not walking our 120 hole attempt) and we loaded up our gear and teed off at hole 1 at 5.20am.

The green staff waved as they arrived for work – we had already played 18 by then.

We were in separate carts, keeping score and continuously challenging each other, as we like to do.

Two and a half hours and 27 holes in, the Fairways juniors, Kate, Tara and John Campbell and Evan Doherty arrived to start their challenge.

They were playing to raise money for Kate and Tara’s tournament fees in the PEI Junior Tour.

When Connor Lea, the General Manager, arrived just after 9 AM, he said hello as we zipped back to the 1st tee. He asked if we had already played 18 and was shocked when we told him we were about to tee off on our 37th hole.

The 4th hole is my nemesis and I could do nothing but donate balls there. It's a Par 3 over water and I hit many different clubs, but still didn’t hit anything I was satisfied with. The water holds a fair few of my balls.  

We were tweeting as we played, posting random photos and our hole count. We tweeted to Soren Andersen, in the USA, who was also playing, and who made it through 100 holes on his own. Well done!

Edwin in Bolivia and Ale, one of our Bolivian cadets, were playing in Santa Cruz, as was Sachin Bhattarai, head pro at Royal Nepal Golf Club, who was going around and around that 9 hole layout, and being joined by various members throughout the day.

I had packed us quite the golf picnic. Banana oatmeal and cranberry slice, almond nut butter protein balls, chicken wraps, crackers and cheese, hummus, apples, bananas, pears, and a fruit, nut and dark chocolate mix. We certainly didn’t go hungry, but still went home with a lot of food. Also, as it was quite warm, we drank all of our liquid refreshments, which included water, coconut water, Gatorade and beer.

At one point, I hit one of my new Taylormade balls into the woods and because I'd already lost so many, I marched in there knowing exactly where it was. I spotted it, stepped towards it, and a stick moved...

It was a snake and as I realised there were two. One slithering next to me and one curled up between me and my ball.

I shrieked, leapt out of the woods and left my ball with the snakes. Dave laughed at me saying they were only harmless garter snakes, but venomous or not, I don't like the slithery reptiles, because in Australia we have 21 of the top 25 most venemous snakes in the world!

Only stopping briefly for bathroom breaks, we finally made our 100th hole, but pressed on, knowing we wanted to get to 120. We knew we'd have time, but we were both getting tired. My 3 wood was on fire, but the rest of my game fell away as I got a little lazier on the swing.

As we neared the end, we got stuck behind a few groups playing a round after work, so we shot off to the 13th as we had 6 holes to play until we hit 120.

It was a nice way to finish, playing the 18th, and as we headed into the clubhouse to return our cart key, we saw Evan and John who had been playing together all day. They had played 72 holes and looked as tired as we felt.

On the way to the car, we saw Gloria (Kate, Tara and John’s mother), who told us Tara had played 72 holes and Kate had played 54.

It was a great effort by the juniors and between us, all around the world, we played 857 holes!. Hopefully we can collectively play 1000 holes in Dawn2Dusk 4 in 2019.

Of course we kept score - Dave shot 586 and I shot 636 for 120 holes in 14 hours. By 7.30pm even though there was still roughly 2 hours of daylight left we were spent and loaded the car ready for our long drive home.

Dave not only won the golf that day, but also he smashed me in the fundraising competition that we had going.

Until next year that is...

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