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Tiffany "Tiff" Chaisson (CEO) and Jeremy White (COO) met in early 2015 over a shared love of golf and social media. 

Tiff is a golfing traveller, having played almost 100 courses in 10 countries, all in just over two years! Jeremy, a marketer and business builder, followed her blog with only the occasional remark about what a hard life she was leading. That was until April 2016, when Tiff contacted him to assist her to set-up a nonprofit to help needy kids play golf, anywhere in the world.

Fairways was born.

Both Tiff and Jeremy believe that to increase participation in golf, children need to be the focus. It is better to create a lifetime golfer at school age, than to try to convert a non-golfer later in their lifetime. Similarly golf businesses need to be supported, rather than to be asked for handouts or discounts in an already competitive market.

Fairways identifies kids who love golf, but whose families are in difficult financial situations, then we look after their membership, lessons, and range access. Whatever we need to do to keep a fairway under their feet.

Please join us and support a good cause.

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