The Gift of Golf

Cadets on the Fairway

Fairways' kids love golf.

Unfortunately they have found themselves in disadvantageous family situations, such as bereavements, medical expenses or unemployment, which have prevented them from playing the game they love.

Fairways finds these kids and we help them. Anywhere in the world.

They don't need to be the next Tiger Woods, they just love golf and are having a tough time playing it. Fairways organises cadet memberships, lessons and range access with nearby golf facilities and professionals. We don't ask for handouts, as the golf industry needs support too. We pay them for their good work with our cadets.

It means the kids need people, like you, to give the gift of golf by becoming a Fairways sponsor and helping to support our fund's activities. 

There are two ways to help. Sponsorships from as little as $5 per month, or single donations

Sponsorship options:

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